Carbon fibre development from C12 Composites

C12 Composites has been producing high quality carbon fibre components, bespoke bodywork, repairs, innovative designs and more for over twenty five years for leading companies such as BAE Systems, Aston Martin and Lindstrand Balloons.

What do we do?

We specialise in producing carbon fibre and glass fibre components and repairs to the highest standards, by combining highly refined traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology. The calibre of our work is trusted by some of the leading names in motorsport, aeronautics and academia.

Our extensive expertise drawn from multiple industries means we can achieve the best results for you, regardless of project size or complexity.

Our recent work includes:

• Bodywork
• Swingarms
• Bicycle frames and rims

• Bespoke bodywork
• Airship components
• Microlight fairings
• Wind tunnel models

The Top Gear flying caravan — C12 Composites worked on the project with Lindstrand Balloons