Gravity car

C12 Composites Director Steve Thomas has been racing his full carbon gravity car at events around the UK for nearly a decade

Now a fixture of the burgeoning UK gravity racing scene, the team have secured victories at every major UK event

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In 2011, Steve set a new British speed record at the Cairngorm Extreme, hitting just over 70 mph.

Steve Thomas and the C12 Gravity Car after winning the Cairngorm Extreme

This pedigree led to Steve being invited to Canada to act as a technical adviser for the Bodrodz Xtreme Gravity Racing team and their attempt to break 100 mph in a gravity car.

Ingenuity and a tight-fitting helmet fairing judiciously constructed with cardboard and gaffer tape was instrumental in raising the top speed from 97.74 to 101.03mph — a new world record.

“Fast Donnie” Schoettler on his way to breaking 100 mph – image from

Bodrodz Team Profile on Steve